Drinking water/pipe network/secondary water supply

Water treatment of a hospital in Guangxi

Project information:Installation location: a hospital in GuangxiInstrument and equipment: PH meter PNB-116, residual chlorine meter CLN-170Operating parameters: ph, residual chlorineInstallation mo...

Water quality inspection of a hospital in Beihai

Project information:Installation site: water quality inspection of a unit in BeihaiInstrument and equipment: NBDT-1800 cabinet type multi parameterOperating parameters: ph, residual chlorineInstall...

Sewage detection project of a hospital in Qinzhou, Guangxi

Project information:Place: Sewage detection of a hospital in Qinzhou, GuangxiInstrument and equipment: online multi parameter instrument NBDT-1800Detection parameters: PH+suspended solids+residual ...

Application Case of Sewage Treatment Water Quality Detection in a District People's Hospital in Nann

Project information: Application case of sewage treatment water detection in a district people's hospital in Nanning

On site sewage online monitoring of a hospital in Qinzhou, Guangxi

NOBOcaseProject information: hospital sewage treatment water quality detectionInstallation site: Qinzhou, GuangxiInstrument and equipment: multi parameter water quality detectorDetection parameters...