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Integrated multi parameter online water quality detection system 2800RTG-A

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Product introduction

Multi parameter water quality detection instrument is a new generation of multi parameter instrument independently developed by our company. The digital sensors produced by our company can realize the free combination of various water quality monitoring. The instrument is equipped with multiple analog and switching control channels, which can realize automatic control. The two RS485 digital interfaces have all implemented the Modbus RTU protocol, making networking and remote transmission more free.

The products can be widely used for online monitoring of environmental protection, sewage treatment, thermal power, aquaculture, food processing, printing, metallurgy, pharmacy, fermentation, chemical industry, tap water and other environments.

main features

1. RTOS system is adopted to enhance the performance, stability and real-time performance, and better manage peripherals.

2. 7-inch color screen display, Chinese and English menu operation, simultaneous display of multiple parameters.

3. 6 data channels can be combined freely, and the unit can be selected freely.

4. Automatically adjust the interface according to the number of channels to improve the humanization of interface layout.

5. There are 6 switching value outputs. Each switching value can select the corresponding data channel, which can be set as high point alarm or low point alarm, and the alarm value and hysteresis can be set.

6. There are two 4-20MA analog output channels, and each channel can select the corresponding data channel. The measuring range can be set freely.

7. There are two RS485 digital output interfaces and Modbus RTU protocol.

8. The sensor configured with the inlet channel can be debugged, such as calibration, factory reset, and temperature adjustment.

9. The sensor acquisition interval and data saving interval can be set. Data can be saved to TF card (maximum 32G) and exported to USB flash disk.

10 You can switch between Chinese and English, switch between themes, save settings, restore settings, and restore the factory.

11. It has password protection function to avoid misoperation

12. Historical curve and historical data table query

technical parameter

● Measurable parameters: PH, ORP, conductivity, TDS, salinity, dissolved oxygen, residual chlorine, ozone, turbidity, suspended solids, sludge concentration, ion concentration, resistivity, hardness.

● Combination mode: at most 6 parameters can be combined arbitrarily, or one parameter can be combined with multiple channels. Each parameter can measure the temperature separately (supported by the sensor). give an example:

① PH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, residual chlorine, turbidity

② PH, PH, dissolved oxygen, dissolved oxygen, residual chlorine, turbidity

③ Conductivity, dissolved oxygen, residual chlorine

④ Residual chlorine, ozone

● Power supply: 100-250VAC, 50/60Hz

● Size: 590 * 390 * 1500mm

● Weight: 80KG

● Installation mode: movable cabinet type

● Working conditions: temperature 0-60 ℃, humidity ≤ 90%

● Protection grade: IP65

● Input interface: 6-way digital sensor interface, with DC12V power supply. Total power supply capacity: 1A

● Analog output: two 4-20mA outputs, single channel load capacity: ≤ 750 Ω

● Switching value output: 6 groups of relays, each with normally open, normally closed and public interfaces. Single channel load capacity: ≤ 3A

● Digital output: 2-way two-wire RS485 interface, supporting Modbus RTU protocol. (Optional external touch screen will occupy 1 channel)

● Display screen: 7.0 inch LCD, resolution 800 * 480, 24 bit color depth, capacitive touch.