COD Digital Sensor for Sewage Treatment Water Quality Monitoring

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Sewage treatment water quality monitoring COD digital sensor online monitoring

Product introduction

COD digital sensor is a digital sensor developed by our company to intelligently monitor COD content. Because many organic substances dissolved in water have absorption effect on ultraviolet light, the content of organic pollutants dissolved in water can be accurately measured by measuring the absorption degree of these organic substances to 254nm wavelength ultraviolet light. The Noble COD digital sensor uses two light sources, one is ultraviolet light for measuring COD content in water, and the other is reference light for measuring turbidity of water. In addition, specific algorithms are used to compensate the attenuation of the light path and eliminate the interference of particulate suspended solids impurities to a certain extent, so as to achieve more stable and reliable measurement.

main features

◇ This product is a COD digital sensor, which can directly output RS485 signals.

◇ COD, turbidity, temperature and other parameters can be measured.

◇ Without instrument, it can directly connect computer, PLC and other equipment with RS485 signal interface for data acquisition. It is convenient for users to integrate sensors into industrial control environments such as host computer system and IoT system.

◇ Use mobile phone APP to collect, debug and maintain data of sensors through wired (OTG cable and 485 to USB module) or wireless networks (such as WIFI, GPRS and other wireless networks).

◇ The sensor can be set through RS485 communication, such as slave address and baud rate, online calibration, factory restoration, proportional coefficient and incremental compensation.

◇ Two point correction method is adopted.

◇ The core components are from foreign brands.

Technical indicators

1. Measuring range:

COD:0~200mg/L equiv. KHP   0~500mg/L equiv. KHP

Turbidity: 0 ~ 100NTU 0 ~ 200NTU

2. Resolution: COD: 0.1mg/L Turbidity: 0.1NTU

3. Measurement accuracy: COD: ± 5% F.S. Turbidity: ± 5% F.S

4. 485 interface: support the Internet of Things (MODBUS protocol is partially compatible).

5. Working conditions: ambient temperature is 0~60 ℃

6. Input impedance: ≥ 1 × 1012Ω

7. Working voltage: 12~24VDC

8. Protection grade: IP68